Been a while since I showed pictures of the crops and since we’re still recovering from the flaming ham incident I thought it might be a good time to show you around. You won’t see a LOT of photos of the big garden it’s currently needing a good weeding and mulch and looks scary bad.

We have around 100 Walla Walla onions planted and they are looking fine. I have them poked in everywhere and they are loving the hot sunny days and cool nights right now.

They grow especially well in barrels, planted with pumpkins and corn and a little chickweed. Lots of baby pumpkins showing up, of course we are losing them too. Next year we’ll have bees so lack of pollination won’t be a problem, if it truly IS the problem.

The greenhouse which is slowly crumbling, and in the shade, is housing about 75-80 green bean plants, I planted over 100 but lost some due to my hose wrangling abilities, or lack thereof. They are coming into full bloom now and are simply covered in blossoms. We should see a hearty crop of beans and I am looking forward to eating them all winter, as well as now.

Also in the greenhouse I have a couple tomatillo plants and some peppers. I took this photo of the peppers last week and here is one from tonight. They doubled in size.

last week

 We will have broccoli soon soon soon and I can’t wait! My kids chant “broccoli cheese soup” when I show them all the little babies growing up so fast.

Currants, woohoo look at them go. This spring we cleaned out the fire pit and add a big scoop of ashes to each plant, the grew six inches and double their normal production, I think I’ll do that again next year.

 See that fuzzy stuff stuck to the currants? Cottonwood, we happen to have a little female cottonwood on the property and she drops her cotton everywhere.

See? Just a little one…

The Sitka roses are in full force production and I think I’ll make some jelly and rose water this week. They are so fragrant and their scent wafts through the house on hot days when the windows are open.

This is my second or third year of no chemical fertilizer and only using homemade compost and leaf litter to amend the beds. I’m impressed with the growth and vitality of my plants, they’re seriously green and happy. So am I, so am I.

Peace and Love–