Hey What's For Dinner

Today was a ‘work outside and get it all done’ kind of day, except of course we never get it ALL done. I raked for 3 hours and my arms feel like jello now. The chickens got the leaves to paw through before we compost them and they were very happy. My husband pulled the chainsaw out and took down a couple trees that were halfway down already. We burned all day, mostly wind blown limbs and such, don’t worry we burn safely in our fire pit and with hoses ready. The boys learned to chop kindling with a hatchet and nobody lost ANY body parts. A good day all around.

To keep us fueled up for our busy day I made some pretty great Purple Monster smoothies. Inspired by a raw juicing demo at a Garden Symposium I attended yesterday, I wanted to make something fresh, delicious and minimally processed. Sally Kopenburg of the Bistro Red Beet rocked the house with her raw vitamix demo and I left completely excited to rip it up in the kitchen. If you have not been to her restaurant you should head on over especially if you are gluten free, all her baked good are gluten free and fantastic.

Purple Monster

2 cups frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen blackberries
1/2 cup almond milk
3 stalks of curly kale
sprinkle of sugar–use honey if your berries are NOT frozen
water to make it drinkable if desired

in the bowl of a Cuisinart whirl the berries and the almond milk
pull the leaves off the kale stems and chop them fine, you can just use kitchen shears and chop them right into the bowl of the food processor
add a sprinkle of sugar
whirl together until the kale is completely incorporated
add a little water or more almond milk to make it drinkable if desired-I left ours very thick and we ate them like ice cream

These were a really great power snack for our very busy day and they carried us right on through until dinner. It sure does feel good to make a cold frozen treat for afternoon snack because we are hot from working in the sun. Summer is here in my book, what about you, is it summer for you?