and your stupid circle of life song. Seriously, I want to write about the cycle of pulling weeds and feeding them to chickens and all I can hear is this crescendo in my head “and it’s the circle, the circle of life” All Broadway show musical style. Let me tell you there is nothing Broadway about pulling weeds, bent over with mosquitoes dive bombing your unprotected bits but still there it is “the ciiiiiiiirrrrrrrcleeee” rattling around in your head.

Dropping the bucket of weeds off for the chickens is equally non Broadway-ish, who ever stepped in chicken manure Broadway style? Maybe a step and slide might qualify as ‘dancing’ but I can guarantee that none of those actors came up sputtering and swearing from an unexpected skid. Ever.

I fill the bucket up with compost and head back to dig it into the garden box, thinking lovely thoughts of how we don’t waste anything. What the girls eat as weeds get recycled back to the garden as compost and there it is haunting me still”huummmmmm” Dancing signing lions all mixed up in my head. Cartoons and musical intertwined now as one.

Really that song doesn’t have a lot in common with composted chicken manure for garden food and then feeding weeds back to chickens. That song is about life rolling on as we find our place in the world or lions do, whatever. I can relate to that, I think I fit right in to my life growing food to feed us, our animals and working to be good and kind to the earth. A circle of life within a circle the of life? Wait, within a bigger circle of life? I think I just hurt my brain. Damn you Lion King, leave me alone.

Peace and Love–