A Winter Wind Storm, Alaska Style

 I thought I’d share some photos of the fantastic snow drifts we have from the wind storm. The little boys played outside for over two hours in 60 mile an hour gusts of wind, it was blowing steadily at 40 miles an hour. I did my outdoor chores while they played, found more work to do while they played on, hauled the trash can to the road and they were still playing, warmed up my truck to make sure it would start this morning and you guessed it they were still playing. I wandered around taking pictures and finally got too cold to be outside, and they just kept right on playing.

Here they are next to and on a big drift. It doesn’t look that tall but see the boy in the back? He’s standing on a 3 foot drift which is the base for the taller drift.

I think this looks like a sand dune, every time I bent down to take a shot a yellow dog or a kitten came tearing through the snow right in front of me. I had to move 4-5 times crazy animals!

My planting table, it’s so interesting the way snow piles up in one place and then it’s bare ground a foot over.

Buddha waiting for spring.

OK here is a better shot of the drift the boys were playing on, that’s the roof of our garage and a little boy bent over about to leap into the valley of the drift. I somehow caught the snow flying past in this shot, it looks cools. And you see that blur to the left? The wind blew my hat right off and my hair went WILD and then was instantly tangled.

This is just a broken branch from a cottonwood tree that snow has drifted around. Lovely.

Peace and Love–

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  1. Thats because your little Alaskan boys know a good snow drift when they see one!!! The drifts make great snow forts and snow houses!! LOVE the photo of the patterns in the snow. I'm so glad we aren't in the windy part of the valley!!


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