A thrifty living link up
I finally bought something at a thrift store, it’s been a couple weeks, ok maybe 10 days of nothing and then I finally found something I thought we needed. 

Do you like them? I love them and they were brand new. Since we try to have candles at breakfast for a nice start to our day these made a lovely addition to our home.

I still dropped of more than I bought from the thrift store and that feels good. I helped a friend clean up and sort some stuff today in preparation for a big move. I told her before I even got there that I was not allowed to bring home anything that she didn’t want, I was going minimalist. Am I going minimalist? No, am I enjoying living without so much stuff to clean up, dust, put away, keep track of and store. Sheesh a lot of the stuff I had I was just keeping ‘in case’ I needed it or wanted it, time to let it go and recycle it to someone else. 

The boys rooms are staying cleaner now that we have gotten rid of so much stuff. They have blocks, legos, lincoln logs, dress up, a box of books, a desk with drawing supplies, a few select favorite toys and treasures and box of broken electronics to take apart. Everything lives in their closets in tubs to be taken out and played with and then returned. And room cleaning day? A complete breeze, pick up garbage, find stray toys and sweep or vacuum. YES!
I did buy myself another cookbook, The Vegetarian Epicure 2. I swear I had #1 but I don’t have it on the kitchen book shelves so I’m guessing I either thought about buying it or I lent it to someone. This seems like a great book full of inspiring recipes and I can’t wait to use it!

Got an empty box and a glue gun? Why not make a cat palace? Mr. SirPrize and I built one the other day for Agatha the kitkat. Actually I’d have to say I only helped a few times and for the most part this was built for the cat, by the boy. Amazingly the cat LOVES it and dives into it to play time and time again. She seems to especially appreciate the windows to peek out of and play with. A good way to spend some time with someone you love, recycle a box and please the almighty house mistress, er cat.

So how you did spend a thrifty week? Please feel free to share any thrifty living posts from pantry living etsy stores, to ebay listings, hyena cart stores, thrifting finds, crating, poetry, upcycling, budgeting, meal planning or anything else you may do to survive and thrive in the world today.

Peace and Love–