With Thanksgiving coming I wanted to share these important tips for kitchen safety:

  1. dangling cords and children don’t mix! they can easily tug on a cord or even get caught on one and cause an accident
  2. tilt lids away from your face when removing them, this will vent the steam away from your face
  3. unplug any electrical appliances before trying to wash them up
  4. chop slowly, no need to show off how fast you are, having fingers is MORE important trust me!

These were shared with me and a few other bloggers who attended BlogHer Food last month and participated in a cook off. I wanted to share them with you guys so you can have the safest of holidays. No burns, no chopped fingers, just stuffed to the gills in-laws passed out on the couch! I guess they can be dangerous too, hunh?

Peace and Love–