Thanks for sticking by me these last few days, they have been hectic to say the least. Wonderfully hectic, crazy busy, all for a new school. The school kind of ate my life this summer. I worked on the hiring committee for a month or so. Then went on to helping a bit with summer camp and organized a fundraiser carnival too. I headed up the teachers snack committee for their 3 week training session, boy they had some good eats too! I worked registration last week and on the final blitz before open house. Today I volnuteered to escort kids in to school. Oh I also worked on purchasing the kitchen supplies while thrifting, I don’t really consider that ‘work’ but I did it.

So that was my summer. Somewhere in there we had 32 consecutive days of rain and the slugs took the reins of my gardens. I’m ashamed of my neglect in the garden area but I just didn’t have the energy to fight slugs. I gave most of what was left to my kids, who gallantly put up with a whole lot of running around and smelling food that wasn’t for them.

first day of first grade!

The first day of school was a raging success “except for that girl who sat next me, ugggh” I had to suppress a snort at that one. Speaking of girls I was so impressed to see little girls dressed like little girls, just kids. And boys were just boys not thugs, tough guys and punks. Nary an inappropriate outfit to be seen. I saw many happy smiling faces today, kids, parents, teachers, volunteers. And really at the end of this journey that’s totally worth one summer, right? In my heart I know it is but next summer the slugs are going down.

look at that beautiful classroom-this is the first grade class, see those tables? the parents made those!

Peace and Love,