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Did you know birds have whiskers?

And other random facts and thoughts.

So yes indeed birds have whiskers. I know this because one hit our window yesterday and of course “we” rescued it. I think it was deaf or in shock because the excited yelling and ruckus happening around here didn’t seem to phase it one bit. He was propped up in an egg carton, makes for easy burial if they don’t live, and left to warm on the counter, while small children shouted mere inches from it’s face. It sat quietly, recovering from meeting a 5×10 window head on, we finished breakfast. I snapped some great photos and this is where I noticed that birds have whiskers, or at least this one did 2-3 on each side right behind the beak. It seemed to be getting better so I sent the loud ones upstairs to dress and picked up the breakfast mess, figuring on a bird release soon.

 He hopped out of the egg carton and I quietly crept over to snap a few photos. Still no reaction. I set the camera down and watched him. He turned, noticed me (suddenly?) and flew quickly away. So fast he flew straight in to another window, broke his neck and was dead when I picked him up mere seconds later. I panicked at this point and dropped him back in the egg carton just as my 6 year old came down the stairs. On the verge of admitting I had killed the bird by being quiet I was interrupted by this boy who was complaining of some injustice done to him by his little wildebeest, er brother. By the time the trouble was sorted out it felt too late to “confess” and then he noticed the bird was gone. “Oh, he died. Guess we GET to bury him next to Kami hunh Mom?” “Yes son” I answered swigging some coffee to hide my guilt.

It just hit me again, I have one son starting school and one finishing school this year. I feel like I am losing both of them. My heart aches for days overfilled with nursing, diapers and soft fuzzy heads.

I miss my dog. I yearn for silken ears to rub, clicking toenails on the floor and a soft obedient presence by my side. I’m certainly not ready for a new dog, though I’m sure there are many that would fill the hole in my life.

Well I think I just made myself cry and with that I need to stop.

I wish you peace.

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2 thoughts on “Did you know birds have whiskers?”

  1. I did not know that about birds. Nice photos!

    I homeschool mine so I don't LOSE them. Still, they are so big and I remember when they were babies! My "baby" is now 8!


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