I occasionally spout off about things, occasionally, (I know right?)and I think my last ranty jag was about fat lazy Americans. That or the one before it, I don’t really know but that part isn’t important. What’s important is that I basically brazenly said we were fat and lazy because we are fat and lazy. Not is so few words mind you, it was the gist of the thing.

I was spouting off my opinion the other day and my friend Peter called bullshit. He said we are fat but NOT lazy. We are stressed which causes the fat, I forget the reason bad digestion maybe? Yes I had a beer during this conversation, why do you ask? I asked what do we have to be stressed about? And my husband jumped in a laid a bunch of things out there, work(too much-too little- low pay-no vacation) money, wars, facebook (HA!), food, travel,environment….. It made me wonder was Peter right? Is stress causing the ilk I see in the world?

  • does it cause people to shop to fill a void? spending more than they can afford to make themselves feel better?
  • eating a poor diet because they can easily eat a burger on a long car drive rather than a bowl of hot soup from home?
  • are two parents working to afford to survive, causing stress on the family so shortcuts are taken IE cheap ready made food, dvd players in cars so the kids are quiet on the commute to daycare, daycare itself
  • are we so exhausted form running ourselves to death to make it all work that when we have free time it feels good to lose ourselves in tv?

 Which came first the fat or the ilk?

 I still contend that the foods marketed to us, all of us, is unhealthy. The food we can all afford is cheap, over processed and bad for you. I don’t think I can budge on that one.
I don’t know if he’s right and I’m wrong or vice versa but he sure did make me think. For days. Thanks Peter!


Peace and Love-