I’ve actually not been thrifting too much this last week. Something about too much stuff not enough room kept running through my head when I thought of stopping in. Plus we have all the new fuzzy bird babies to play with and cuddle so my time away from home is limited.

The fuzzy baby patrol:

These are a few finds I from the last couple weeks that I didn’t post:

Look at this vintage Holly Hobbie fabric-7+ yards of uncut fabric!  It’s hanging on the laundry line in the wind in these photos.

I love this old hand made afghan, so beautiful and so much work! It’s headed for etsy pretty quick.

Vintage Nursery Kitsch! ::LOVE::

This is a great book by the Swedish Handcraft Society, lots of vintage patterns in here! Already listed on etsy.

I love this Fire Truck Sweater, I bought it for my son but it’s too small for him. On to esty it went, again so much work went in to this sweater, sad to see them donated to thrift shops.

1.50 got us a HUGE stack of old fashioned thick construction paper, the new cheap stuff sold at walshmart is flimsy junk. This was possibly the best 1.50 ever spent, so much fun to be had creating things.

We buy almost all our clothes from thrift stores, we donate them back when we are done with them. When we are really really done with them, as in worn completely out, we either cut them in to rags or I make them in to braided rag rugs. This is my first creation and I almost have enough torn strips to make another one this coming winter.

And finally this gorgeous old metal tray, mid fifties I think, Florence Thomas is stamped on the back.

If you love thrifted treasures you should definitely check out:

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Peace and Love–