This post could also be called how to save that last flat of plants you set aside a month ago and completley ignored and eventually forgot about. Because that’s exactly what happened. Scary I know and they let me have kids and animals! But anyhoodle use this easy to build garden idea any time you like, not JUST when you forget about some leftover plants.


  • Well it’s relatively easy to set up. 
  • And quick! It composts itself. 
  • Can be built anywhere you have room for a bale of straw!
  • You can make a fence with it.
  • It can be inexpensive if you know where to get straw cheaply and grow your own plants. 
  • They look great. 
  • And they are easy to care for. 
  • Kids love them because the plant are right in their faces.

Step one-acquire a straw bale-NOT HAY– hay has seeds, straw it the stem leftover from harvesting the grain

Step two-pick a location. I placed mine on an unused garden section, with the hopes that it will kill the weeds that are there and compost down into the soil for next year-make sure you place it correctly not where the ropes go across the top but on it’s sides so that the layers of straw are exposed and the roots can grow in to the bale

Step three-water the bale heavily

Step four-place potting soil or soil that is amended with lots of compost right on top of the bale

Step five-water again

Step six-plant by poking in your finger, giving it a spin and placing a plant in the hole you created, the roots will grow down in the bale

Step seven-water again and keep watered

Enjoy your almost instant garden! Then continue to photograph anything that catches our eye, hey shiny!


ohhh the spruce tree and the back of the house

the boys gardens and the arbor we built

what a beautiful day!

Peace and Love–