First off-please for the love of all that is holy let me remember to hit spell check before I make a post public.


There were so many misspellings in my post yesterday that I am a ashamed of myself. ASHAMED.
Ah well it’s good to feel that every once in a while, reminds me not to get complacent and to hit spell check. It’s there to help, not as a crutch, must remember that!

Now that I am newly humble I’ll say for the Thursday make and do…get humbled it can make you a better person.

This week we made some homemade bubbles and blew some giant bubbles. Very fun and easy. These were born of  necessity, not having bubbles on a warm day in spring can be a very bad thing. But hauling out an old cookbook, measuring cups and ingredients was a fun way to combat lack of bubbles.

Homemade Bubbles
1/2 cup dish soap-we used Seventh Generation
2 1/2 cups water
1 TBSP glycerin-available near the pharmacy counter

measure water, soap and glycerin in to a jar
swirl until mixed
don’t mix vigorously just blend gently
voila! bubble solution and problem solution in one!

We also had a small Maypole

 and Beltane fire

 on Mayday for fun. It was a first for us but we enjoyed it so much it will not be the last.

Want a great tutorial on juicing? My friend Tracy (I adore Tracy, she is sweet and lovely in person and on her blog) at Shutterbean has come up with a great post devoted to juicing. A must read for all you (OK us) people that need or want to get juicing. Now if only I had a juicer…And really where ARE the PR people when you need them?

Oh I found TWO cool things I have to share with you.

  1. Postcrossing-why was I blissfully unaware of this? Basically you create an account, get an address, send a postcard and then get a postcard-LOVE!! 
  2. Letter boxing-think low tech (no GPS whew!!) geocaching with clues and you are getting closer! You need a book a stamp and an ink pad and a pair of feet. You hit the website to find a letter box in your area, jot down the clues, go for a walk, follow the clues and try to find a small hidden box. Once found you use a stamp in the box to stamp your own book, stamp your stamp in the hidden book, replace the box carefully and head out. Yeah my boys will love this!

Don’t those sound fun? What are you doing for fun? I want to know and share, so drop me an email!

Peace and Love–

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