We spent this very snowy day working contentedly on a few projects for Christmas, feeding hungry birds, shoveling, sledding and playing the thankful game(details to follow). I love days like today. It snowed almost a foot in the last 24 hours. When you step outside the entire world is absolutely silent. Then the roosters crows and a snowplow roars by but for a moment you may as well be alone in the big wide white world. A lovely dream when your kids may or may not need to be thrown in a snow bank. I’m joking I would NEVER throw them in a snow bank, if they didn’t deserve it.

One project we worked on was making peanut butter pine cones to feed the birds. We just spread a good wallop of peanut butter on to some thrift store pine cones and strung them up in the big birch right outside our living room window. Seems people aren’t the only hungry ones this time of year. Our little chickadees were on the cones within a 1/2 an hour and ate happily until it got dark at 4PM. Yes 4PM.

This is the second day of my cans for comments food drive. Leave a comment on ANY post this week and I’ll donate a can of food for each comment. From each post. Until Monday. So far I’m up to 14. Good thing I have a truck with 4 wheel drive and studs, I’m going to need it to haul all this food to the food bank next week. If you feel like helping out in other areas besides Alaska my friend Christina in Chicago is hosting a cans for comments food drive and so is the Diva on a Diet in New York City. So check them out! Maybe I should issue an official challenge something along the lines of “MY READERS KICK ASS AND WE WILL STOMP YOU INTO THE GROUND” or not. What do you think? Leave me a comment or forty and let me know. Hey does your dog want to leave a comment? That’s totally cool too. Anyways I think I will be making a huge drop to the Palmer food bank and you can help, so please do.

The thankful game. I read this in the latest issue of Family Fun Magazine. Basically you hand out a gift bag or lunch bag to each person. Then they ‘shop’ around the house for the perfect gift to give. Everybody comes to the living room and the giving commences. Each person gives their gift to someone else, work it out so each person gets one. As they give the present the giver says “this is for you, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday etc.” The one getting says “thank you for the present” before they open it. Then they open it. They can exclaim or show signs of excitement and then they need to say one nice complimentary thing such as “this roll of toilet paper will come in really handy when we run out” or “these garden gloves are so great they will keep my hands clean next summer” Then you return the items and play again. It sounds really silly and easy but for some reason my kids ATE IT UP. And it’s harder than you think. I read about this and thought it was worth a try, my kids are cool but they lose it when confronted with a pile of presents. I hope they will at least have a little practice at using the right words, now if they will only USE them! Thanks Family Fun!

To sum it all up: snowy-feed birds-feed people-comment-be thankful

Tomorrow? Brown Sugar Shortbread. Yes, I know. Pure goodness and pure evil in one bite!

Love and Peace,