We had quite a weekend, that ended a week in which I spent more time than anyone should sewing a mummy costume for Sirprize. A weekend that included 3 people having a thorough bout with a nasty stomach flu which caused none of us to enjoy Halloween trick or treating or any other festivities. Along with that fun, we also had one boy who developed a nasty intense earache that was so bad it necessitated a trip to the local urgent care center. Except that it was closed for Halloween. The only other option was the emergency room. Yeah that sucked. Turns out he had a very nasty ear infection, his second ever, and pinkeye! Can you say pariahs?

Needless to say we are so very thankful this weekend is over. I think the hardest part was telling my kids there would be no trick or treating. Period. Then my husband had a fantastic idea, sick or treating. We called up the grandparents and asked if we could come by after the sickness’ were over. You know so the kids would actually get to wear there costumes and get a few pieces of candy. Of course the grandparents were happy to accommodate so soon, someday soon, we will be sick or treating. Not the perfect solution as far as the kids were concerned, they were advocating for “RIGHT NOW” but it will do.

Here they are tonight in their costumes, just trying them on.

First up we have Sirprize in his mummy costume

then Union as a demon in a mask he designed, made from papier mache and painted (with help)

and then brotherly love

I haven’t cooked a meal since Wednesday. Having these sickos around has made cooking unnecessary. I might cook this week. We’ll see how it all pans out. If anybody else falls victim to the ick I doubt I’ll be cooking much. I hope I cook.

Love and Peace,