I want to address the #1 question people ask me when they figure out I don’t use or own a microwave, WHY?

It started when I went to college, we had ultra modern dorms/apartments. A full kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom and 4 bedrooms. It had a microwave so I didn’t need one. Then I went off the next year on my own and was too broke to buy one and discovered that I didn’t really need a microwave.

Then it became a ‘thing’. I didn’t want one and didn’t need one. My first husband wanted one but we never bought one because I always said no no no. I guess we spent our money on other things like a baby and such. It was still a ‘thing’ and I kept refusing one.

When my first husband abandoned us I really couldn’t pay my mortgage let alone buy a microwave. Everyone insisted I should really get one because I could cook quick dinners up for my son because now that I needed to work I wouldn’t have time. Wrong. I started a business cleaning houses and offices and put him on the bus and met him after school almost everyday. I had time. I made time.

My poor son melted more things in the school microwave than any other kid and he was constantly trying to use friend’s microwaves with bad results. People were seriously bothered by us not having a microwave and were constantly trying to give them to us. As if we were living some sad little life without a microwave. And now it was really a ‘thing’ and if I even wanted one how could I possibly get one after I made SUCH a fuss about not getting one.

When I met my real husband his parents instantly offered us a great microwave. My oldest and only at the time was so excited there was hope on the horizon, mom was dating someone who lived on microwaveable bachelor food. Hope! And we dashed that because I brought my boyfriend now husband over to the dark side of a slower kind of life where cooking is a pleasure not a chore to be hurried through. Making time is important.

So we remained microwave free. We still are. I probably always will be but I can assure you that my oldest son will be buying one as soon as he moves out. He has already informed me of this. He has tried to buy one for his room but I quashed that, imaging the pest problems we would have if he was actually cooking in there. I mean the stacks off dirty dishes are more than enough already just imagine the disgusting mess a cooking teen boy would leave in his room. Yeah, no thanks.

So there it is, why I am freak without a microwave. Because I was broke, then it became a ‘thing’, only to come round to an understanding that there is time in life for what matters.

The question I get asked 2nd most often is: how do you live without a microwave? Easy, whatever can be done in a microwave can be done in/on a range. I guess I don’t know what people use their microwaves for. What do you use it for? Do you cook? Or thaw? Or pop? Why do you need one? Yes I want answers on this! Please leave many many comments on your microwave use. I feel like now I NEED to know.

Peace and Love,