I live in the middle of nowhere. We don’t have take out or delivery service except pizza and it’s chain pizza at that. I always wanted to live somewhere with Chinese takeout in little paper cartons but by the time that part of my life rolls around those paper cartons may be obsolete. Oh well.

I do enjoy not having to cook every once in a while and when I was given the chance to try Wanchai Ferry frozen meals from My Blog Spark, I said bring it on. Free food, hell yeah. I received one frozen meal and a coupon for another so we had two to try. I put them away in the freezer and forgot about them, life is like that.

Of course then I had the 4:30 freak out, what’s for dinner?!?! And it was nice to walk to the freezer and pull out 2 bags of dinner, pre-made dinner, that I only had to heat up. Last time we had pre-made dinner was in February for Hero’s 16th birthday dinner. You know, they get to choose what they want and he wanted Totino’s crisp n tasty pizzas and hot wing chicken strips, so yeah 6 months ago is the last time we had a pre-made dinner. I liked having the 4:30 freak out easily solved with time to spare. I even had time to figure out what to do with microwavable rice. You know the whole microwave free thing.

The results? Good. Very good. We tried Sweet and Spicy Shrimp and Orange Chicken both over basmati rice. My husband and I liked the Sweet and Spicy Shrimp, we didn’t even give it to the kids. Not that it was too spicy but they can’t take any heat. I like a bit of heat and my husband is the “quiene mas macho?” drink straight Tabasco kinda guy so it was barely spicy. But we both enjoyed it and the spice, tang and thickness of the sauce was great. The Orange Chicken was also good but not as good as the shrimp. My kids don’t like meat very much and they each ate a bit but they really liked the sauce over rice best of all.

Overall I’d say they are a nice way to feed your family fast. Not something I will buy weekly but I might keep them in the freezer for those days when 4:30 just leaps out and screams “Hey what’s for dinner Mom?” and I don’t have an answer.

Peace and Love,

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