So the votes were counted and the age old graham cracker won out over my beloved frosting, ranch and fried chicken. The joke was on me though because after searching high and low graham flour could not be found. Graham flour is named after it’s inventor Sylvester Graham, who believed the ills of the modern diet could be solved by eating more bran…in 1829. It differs in from whole wheat flour in that the wheat kernels are separated and then ground and then mixed back together. So after reading up on it I decided that I would substitute whole wheat flour for the graham flour and add a tablespoon of wheat germ, to bulk up the flour. Without further adieu may I present—

Homemade VS Store Bought Smack Down: Round 2

Homemade—————Store Bought

Texture : firm not crumbly —– also firm, break easily
Value : cost was minimal ——–cost also minimal
Taste : sweet like honey ——sweet with cardboard aftertaste
Shape : made fun shapes—– you get what they give you
Time spent : fun 1/2 hour ———thrown in the cart
w/ 5 year old

All in all I would personally say that I liked them better than store bought grahams. 3 out of 5 of us thought they were good. The 3 year old took one nibble and put it back on the plate. Dear husband thought they could be better(traitor) and asked if I would be willing to tweak the recipe. I will keep searching for graham flour and try again. I also found a formula to use wheat germ, bran and white flour to make graham flour, I might try that too. They are, in the words of my 15 year old, “a cookie-ish graham cracker” said with a mouth full of cracker.

One final note though: What do graham crackers really taste like anyway? How much graham flour is in the commercial crackers? Enough to qualify it as a graham product, probably. What did the original recipe taste like? I’m sure it’s nothing like what we find today in the stores. Mass produced for the masses. So while ours don’t really look, taste or feel like graham crackers I infinitely prefer them because they to me, are real.

I’ll be posting the recipe tomorrow. It’s late and I’m tired, too much smackdown.