Well it was an easy smackdown this week and one I have been wanting to do since I made homemade butter cream for my buche de noel at Christmas. I used a basic butter cream recipe and compared it to a can of dark chocolate frosting by Betty Crocker. Wow. Side by side there was no comparison, homemade was so much better. I put it to the test by giving to my 5 year old son who dis-likes frosting. At first he said “mmmm yum” to both then he said “wait, no, the second one was really good Mom” This was a blind taste test and he had no idea which was the homemade butter cream. (it was the second one)

Then I put it to the real test. I gave each of my pre-school kids (I teach co-op pre-school every other week in my home) a bowl with 2 tiny dabs of frosting. I told them which to taste first and they all liked the first taste. Then they tasted the second and all but the youngest declared “this one is soooo good” My traitor 3 year old son favored the store bought version but he is fickle and only loves one thing at a time.

So I say homemade won. I tasted the store bought too and compared to homemade it just really sucked. It was grainy and greasy at the same time and had this funky sour-ish taste. The only thing going for it was the ability to open it and use in about 3.5 seconds with no pre-planning other that the forethought to buy it. With homemade frosting you need to pre-soften butter and it takes about 10 minutes to throw it together after the butter is soft. A small price to pay for the quality taste and the ability to toss off casually “why, yes I made that frosting”.

Chocolate Butter Cream
1/3 cup of butter
3 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup cocoa powder
3-5 Tbsp cream–I used whole milk

mix the butter, sugar and cocoa with a mixer until blended
add the milk a tablespoon at a time mixing well between additions
when it is the consistency you desire stop adding milk
store in the fridge this is not shelf stable

Hydrogenated goodness!

The start.
The sweet end!