I finally got around around to making and testing out spice levels for a Homemade Spicy Hot Pepperoni, totally clean eating sausage for anyone on Whole30 or the Paleo diet, or in to Clean Eating and even for Gluten Free folks. It’s a variation on one of my most popular posts from last year, Homemade Pepperoni, just worked over a bit for more heat. It took me a while and a few goes at the spice levels but I think I have the heat figured out. It involves a few powdered peppers that you can find at most good spice stores and real smoked sea salt. I know the local spice shop in Anchorage, Summit Spice, carries both of these powders and the salt, but I found it on Amazon, Penzeys and most places that carry Frontier Spices too. When you’re shopping be sure to look for powdered chipotles and jalapenos only with no added ingredients. And the same goes for the smoked salts, buy the real ones actually smoked and not just flavored with liquid smoke.
We’re heavy in the honeymoon phase of Whole30, the “hey this isn’t so bad, I could eat like this all the time” part where you forget how awesome it is to just toss back food because you’re hungry. Every meal is planned out, prepped as much as possible and we’re currently loving it. Most people seem to have a wonderful experience with Whole30, I know I do, but I also know that for me it gets touchy about halfway through the whole ordeal. And honestly I’m fed up with meat and veg, even avocados, by day 28.
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Homemade Pepperoni Recipe
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  1. grind the peppercorns (if using) and the fennel seeds together in a mortar and pestle or a spice grinder
  2. mix all the dry spices together in a bowl and set aside, be very aware that the powdered jalapeno is extremely light and airy, it will float about and you probably inhale some, happens every time for me
  3. break up the ground beef in a mixing bowl
  4. sprinkle the dry spices over the meat and mix well
  5. if you're curious about the heat and or flavors add small amounts of the spices or the pepper powders, then take a small pinch and fry it up, it will help you judge the heat level, remember the heat will increase slightly while it marinates in the fridge
  6. cover tightly and refrigerate for 48-72 hours
  7. mixing once a day
  8. to cook: pre-heat oven to 200˚
  9. cover a baking sheet with foil and place a baking rack over it
  10. if you need to protect your hands throw some gloves on
  11. form the meat into two long sausages, mine were about 12 inches each
  12. roll them firmly on a clean surface until they are well compacted
  13. gently transfer to the prepared baking sheet
  14. bake for 8 hours
  15. try to roll them over every two hours, they will be firm and this will help them maintain their shape and evenly cook
  16. remove after 8 hours and wipe them off
  17. let them cool and wipe again
  18. wrap and store in the fridge until chilled
  19. slice and use as desired
Recipe Notes

plastic gloves for mixing and handling meat because the pepper powders can irritate the skin



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