If you’re looking for an Easy Ground Beef Homemade Jerky Recipe that’s Paleo, Clean Eating, MSG free, Gluten Free and STILL delicious, look no further, you’ve found it. If you just want tasty beef jerky you feel good about eating or sharing well I’ve got you covered too. And if you want to win a jerky gun to give this recipe a try guess what? Yep, me covering you!

I’m a huge fan of beef jerky, I love it for the simple fact that it’s just a nice chunk of protein that’s quick and easy to eat but also satisfying. Lately the stuff from the store is feeling less healthy and more full of junk than I want to eat, so I set out to find or come up with a recipe for something I can enjoy again.  I didn’t have to look far, I’d found this recipe a while back, pinned it and I started from there. The spices looked solid and I only had to tweak it a bit for our tastes, and I left out that wretched beef broth too. That stuff is full of nasty chemicals, I’m pretty sure she used homemade, although it’s unstated.

Why ground beef jerky? Well a couple reasons: I happen to have a lot of ground beef because our beef order came in last November and I bought a dehydrator last fall too, with it came 2 jerky guns. Both solid reasons for making ground beef jerky but this stuff is so tasty you don’t need a solid reason, just a jerky gun, which we’ll get to that in a moment.

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Easy Ground Beef Homemade Jerky
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Course Lunch, Snack
Course Lunch, Snack
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  1. break up the ground beef in a mixing bowl
  2. sprinkle everything on top and mix thoroughly
  3. refrigerate overnight
  4. when ready to dehydrate turn the dehydrator on to about 145˚-155˚ full fan
  5. open the jerky gun, load it with meat, packing it down so it doesn't have too many air bubbles
  6. once filled and ready to go pull the trigger and squeeze out a line of meat
  7. 2-3 squeezes will make a line about 3-4 inches long which seemed about right for us, your gun may be different and so then will your results
  8. make them as long as you prefer, I made mine on the shorter side to make packing in lunches easy
  9. repeat with each tray of the dehydrator, in mine I used 7 of the available 8 trays
  10. I also put the meat directly on "clean a screen" tray liners not on the actual trays OR the fruit leather trays
  11. place the trays in the dehydrator and leave them alone for an hour or two then take the bottom tray and move it to the top and viceversa
  12. continue drying for another 3 hours or so, checking for doneness every hour or so
  13. to test I picked them up to see how flexible they were, after an hour or two I tried one to see if it was done it was not dried at that point but it was cooked through
  14. after 4 1/2 hours of total cooking time the jerky was done
  15. yours in your dehydrator may require more or less time so do plan to make this when you have the time to be flexible
  16. once the jerky is done wipe off any grease and let them cool depending on how lean your burger is you may need to wipe them off one more time
  17. store in the refrigerator consume within a week
  18. or freeze them for longer storage
Recipe Notes

-you will need a dehydrator AND a jerky gun both available on Amazon (and those are affiliate links!) and also available in most box stores -the meat mixture needs to chill over night -your results will vary so plan to be flexible the first time you try this

Now when I bought my dehydrator, second hand (but practically brand new!), it came with two

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