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Cars 3 Printable Activity Kit

Who made it to the theaters this weekend to see Cars 3? I know we didn’t because it was the first weekend in a long time where we didn’t have to be somewhere, doing something. We decided to just stay home and completely unplug. It felt good to relax a bit... read more

Friday Frenzy Time

How is it Friday again? I think the weeks are just flying by right now, seriously. It’s almost the solstice when we start losing daylight and yet I just received a Back to School catalog in the mail. Let that sink in for a minute. BACK TO SCHOOL I know we need a... read more
Brand NEW Friday Frenzy

Brand NEW Friday Frenzy

Oh my how we’ve improved the Friday Frenzy–It’s positively amazing¬†now! Read on to find out more and be sure to link up your favorite new or old posts. Welcome to the Friday Frenzy,¬†the Best Food and Craft Link Party on the Web. Why is it the best?... read more

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