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Shamrock’n Friday Frenzy

So maybe I ASKED for a real winter, ok fine I did ask for a real winter but now I’m re-thinking that idea. Because winter is still hanging on. And hanging on. And yep still here. Never you mind we’re going to rock this week, spring break week, we’re... read more

March Madness Cash Giveaway!

Who wants to win some MONEY in March? We’re giving away 200 dollars on Amazon or PayPal and it’s ALL for one lucky winner. Enter below to get in the drawing. March Madness $200 Giveaway – PayPal Cash or Amazon GC! March Madness is usually associated... read more

Friday Frenzy

Winter soldiers on up here in Alaska, although it’s kind of warm today and it’s dripping, so maybe we’re turning a corner? Nope you’re right we’re not and I’m dreaming. Ah well sometimes dreams are all you’ve got! You’ve... read more



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