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Friday Frenzy

We had so many great posts added to the party last week, it was really hard to choose my favorites. It’s always so much fun visiting your sites, finding new recipes and projects. Thanks so much for joining us this week!!

Friday Frenzy

Friday Frenzy This week has been a lot more “Alaska in July” than many of us actually care for. Slightly muggy, kind of misty, definitely rainy, cloudy, and a little warm. I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about this “weird weather”...

Friday Frenzy

We’ve been having summer for part of this week, which is so nice. It’s been warm and lovely most days, although today was a little TOO warm, almost 80˚. Guess who mowed their lawn!? Yep me! I enjoy mowing, it has immediate rewards, but it was just too darn...

The 13th Doctor

is a woman. I blurted that out before my kids had even fully awakened from a night of backyard camping. We’d been talking about who the next the Doctor was going to be for a few weeks now, as it became apparent that the current doctor was done. We started...

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