About Little House Big Alaska:

Laura Sampson is the founder and creative force behind Little House Big Alaska, which originally started life as the food blog “Hey What’s for Dinner Mom?” back in 2008. Little House Big Alaska came about when Laura realized she wanted to share MORE about life in Alaska as well as recipes, crafts, DIY projects and so much more. You’ll find all of these things plus everything that was “Hey What’s for Dinner Mom?” all right here on Little House Big Alaska.

As well as being a writer, Laura is also a mom to three boys, a hobby farmer who raises pigs, meat birds, turkeys, egg laying hens and keeps bees too. She grows as much of their own produce as possible, which can be a laughable undertaking considering the frost free days in Alaska number about 90 every summer. She’s an avid volunteer in the local Waldorf Charter School, which she and her husband Jack help start in 2010, teaching kids to knit, crochet and cook, as well as garden.

Why Little House Big Alaska? Good question! We live in a 1935 colony house, an old farmhouse dating back 25 years before Alaska statehood. Our town was started as one part of Roosevelt’s New Deal in 1935 to help move the United States out of the depression. 203 families from midwest states were moved to Alaska, and provided with 40 acres, a farmhouse, barn and miscellaneous outbuildings and a new start on life. Of those 203 houses built only a handful remain and we are lucky enough to own one of these little houses.


And little it is, no great room, no master suite, no master bath, and four people. Luckily we like each other and we’ve learned to spread out as best we can. And when this Little House can’t hold us we head out and explore Big Alaska.

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